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Map of York and Adams Counties, 1821
Our Price: $5.00

18'' x 24'' copy of the York/Adams County Map of 1821.
1850 Map of Gettysburg
Our Price: $10.00

21.5'' x 18'' print of the 1850 Map of Gettysburg, drawn by J. C. Sidney. This was the first map ever drawn of the town of Gettysburg showing buildings and property owners/residents.
1888 Bird's Eye View of Gettysburg
Our Price: $10.00

18'' x 24'' print of the 1888 Bird's Eye View illustration of Gettysburg. The print is lined with illustrations of monuments on the battlefield, and points of historic interest in and around Gettysburg.
Tracing of the Original Gettysburg Town Lot Map of 1786
Our Price: $10.00

24'' x 28'' Tracing of the Original Gettysburg Town Lot Map of 1786.
Battle of Gettysburg: Field Maps (4 map set)
Our Price: $14.95

A map for each day of the Battle of Gettysburg, and a fourth map showing and labeling all of the farms on the battlefield. Made by Thomas Desjardin with help from Gettysburg historians.
1858 Adams County Wall Map
Our Price: $19.95

38'' x 44'' print of the 1858 Adams County Wall Map. This was the only map of Adams County available at the time of the Civil War, and was used during the Gettysburg Campaign by both Union and Confederate officers.

1872 Atlas of Adams County
Our Price: $20.00

Publish Date: 1872