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The Churches of Adams County: A Brief Review and Summary
Our Price: $3.00

Author: Charles H. Glatfelter
Publisher: St. Paul's Lutheran Church
Publish Date: 1981
Historic Adams County, PA: A Pictorial Record
Our Price: $6.00

A photographic record of Adams County at the time of the sesquicentennial anniversary of Adams County in 1950.

Author: Adams County Sesquicentennial Committee
Publisher: Times & News Publishing
Publish Date: 1950
The Black Presence in Pennsylvania: Making It Home
Our Price: $7.95

Enter into the centuries-long debate about justice for the African and African American inhabitants of Pennsylvania with this history, which spans from William Penn’s colony to the twentieth-century political achievements of black political leaders. Learn about the growth of African American communities through the experiences of James Forten, Richard Allen, Octavius Catto, Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield, and many others. This is the ongoing story of “making a home” in Pennsylvania.

Author: Emma Lapsansky
Publisher: Pennsylvania Historical Association
Publish Date: 2001
Reconstructing the Past: Puzzle of the Lost Community at Yellow Hill
Our Price: $8.00

This book attempts to reconstruct the history of an African American community that lived on Yellow Hill, north of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, in the mid-1800s. The author discusses the involvement of the Yellow Hill community and neighboring Quakers (Friends) in Underground Railroad activity during the years before the Civil War.

Author: Debra Sandoe McCauslin
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing
Publish Date: 2007
ISBN: 9781419666025
The Alexander Dobbin House in Gettysburg: A Short Story
Our Price: $9.95

One of Gettysburg’s most popular restaurants is also its oldest building- and one of its most historic. Built in 1776 for Reverend Alexander Dobbin, the house has been witness to historic political and religious meetings, students gathering for class, slaves seeking refuge on “The Underground Railroad,” and to the Battle of Gettysburg. To read about the Dobbin House is to read about the history of Gettysburg, and stirring moments in our nation’s history.

Author: Walter L. Powell
Publisher: Ten Roads Publishing
Publish Date: 2011
ISBN: 9780983721307
Beyond the Gatehouse: Gettysburg's Evergreen Cemetery
Our Price: $9.95

In November of 2000, the first publication on the cemetery's history became available for purchase. Beyond the Gatehouse: Gettysburg's Evergreen Cemetery contains summaries of the lives of many of the notable people buried in Evergreen and an overview of the history of the cemetery. The book includes a map of the cemetery so visitors may easily find the gravesites of the chosen subjects. The soft cover guide was written by Brian Kennell, the eighth superintendent of Evergreen Cemetery who has lived at the cemetery gatehouse since 1976.

Author: Brian A. Kennell
Publisher: Evergreen Cemetery Association
Publish Date: 2000
ISBN: 9780966477207
Gettysburg's Battlefield Photographer: William H. Tipton
Our Price: $9.95

This book contains selected images from the William Tipton photographic collection of the Adams County Historical Society. Many of these views are available nowhere else. Views of the battlefield, the construction of monuments, panoramas, and returning veterans are featured in the more than 100 photos included in this book.

Author: Timothy H. Smith
Publisher: Thomas Publications
Publish Date: 2005
ISBN: 9781577471165
Mud College: The Pleasant Grove School
Our Price: $10.00

The Mud College School is the only one room school in the Littlestown Area that has been preserved as it was when it closed. This school is located along route 97 toward Gettysburg. It is opened several times a year for visits or arrangements can be made through Mount Joy Township to visit the school. This school was bought at Public Auction by the Crouse Family. Later it was given back to the township, with a sum of money to help in preserving it for historic purposes.

Author: Elsie Darrah Morey
A Sanctuary for the Wounded: Civil War Hospital at Christ Lutheran Church, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Our Price: $10.00

This book tells the in-depth story of one of the major facilities which housed the wounded from the first day of the battle and for six weeks thereafter. The book includes a history of Christ Church, an accurate overview of military medical care during the Civil War, and first-hand accounts of the struggles faced by the nurses, doctors and patients who were sheltered within its walls.

Publisher: Christ Lutheran Church
Abstracts of Adams County, PA Wills: 1745-1800
Our Price: $10.00

Compiled by: Randy J. Miller
Publisher: Adams County Historical Society
Publish Date: 1994