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The Black Presence in Pennsylvania: Making It Home
Our Price: $7.95

Enter into the centuries-long debate about justice for the African and African American inhabitants of Pennsylvania with this history, which spans from William Penn’s colony to the twentieth-century political achievements of black political leaders. Learn about the growth of African American communities through the experiences of James Forten, Richard Allen, Octavius Catto, Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield, and many others. This is the ongoing story of “making a home” in Pennsylvania.

Author: Emma Lapsansky
Publisher: Pennsylvania Historical Association
Publish Date: 2001
Reconstructing the Past: Puzzle of the Lost Community at Yellow Hill
Our Price: $8.00

This book attempts to reconstruct the history of an African American community that lived on Yellow Hill, north of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, in the mid-1800s. The author discusses the involvement of the Yellow Hill community and neighboring Quakers (Friends) in Underground Railroad activity during the years before the Civil War.

Author: Debra Sandoe McCauslin
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing
Publish Date: 2007
ISBN: 9781419666025
Segregation in Death: Gettysburg's Lincoln Cemetery
Our Price: $16.95

"They fought for freedom and the preservation of the United States, but were denied burial in a National Cemetery where Abraham Lincoln stood on November 19, 1863 and gave his Gettysburg Address. Located less than a quarter-mile from the National Cemetery, is the burying ground once known as the Good Will Colored Graveyard. The veterans of the United States Colored Troops, who faithfully served the Union during the Civil War, although freed from the chains and bonds of slavery, never knew the social freedom of equality in life, or death." [excerpt]
The Gift is Small, The Love is Great: Pennsylvania German Small Presentation Frakturs
Our Price: $25.00

A history of Fraktur art from the Pennsylvania Germans. The book is translated into English from its original German.

Author: Frederick Sheely Weiser
Publisher: York Graphic Services
Publish Date: 1994